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07 March 2016 @ 02:53 pm
I've always been fascinated with Ecstatic mystics - those who achieve their spiritual gnosis through extremes of emotion, of action, of asceticism, of consumption, of creation. Whirling Dervish dancers, Snake handlers, Bacchantae. Sun Dancers, Stomp Dancers, Asatru agaric-eaters, Mayan flesh-piercers.
I've also always been fascinated with those who are... other, because they challenge certain taboos.

And then there's the Aghori. Their very name translates to DGAF. No, really. Ghori is fear or concern for physical existence, if I've gotten it right, and A- is 'without.'

So they challenge all the taboos of death. They will always have squatting grounds among the funeral pyres. They will always have dinner, once the pyres have burned down. Yes, really. They will always have pigments - they paint their bodies with the ashes. They will always have bowl - for there will always be another skull.

But their point is that ALL of this is holy. EVEN the forbidden things. And it is their holy duty to show people that all of this is holy. Even drinking and smoking opiates and eating of the dead.

"It's holy, dammit. That's why I make it a part of my life. Because you will not."

dhyvddhyvd on April 11th, 2016 02:33 am (UTC)
Just my two cents
If you're following someone else's path, then it isn't really your path.