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15 March 2015 @ 12:06 am
Kaiden Fox, I changed my mind. The spinning dime is now a quarter. Heads-up, let's play ball!  
THIS is a man who inspires me to emulate his passion. I feel akin to his raw style. I've tried to be a manipulator, a dominator, a pleader, a logician, a magician. But in the end I am left with only myself; a no-good wise guy who gives good advice and makes bad decisions. Sometimes all ya got left is honesty, and sometimes that's what makes for the beautiful awesome.

Here's a page of Bukowski quotes you should read.

Read. And think. Because this magnificent motherfucker put every goddamn thing he loved into his work, and he knew nice folks wouldn't like it, and isn't there some space where a fruity sesquepedalian singer with all ruffles up his arms can share with a scarred-up dude in a grey hoodie just pouring his damn soul into a half-cracked fiddle?

Oh, the hell with it. Let's call the whole thing off and call it a holiday.

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Current Music: Satan takes a Holiday, and Tommy Dorsey scores the backing tracks.