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25 January 2015 @ 08:04 pm
I'm getting ready for a GoFundMe drive, a serious one.  
Right now I have NIN covering Gary Numan's "Metal," and it's just the kind of lockstep that turns my brain into a factory.

I now know how much it will cost to get the courts off my back.

Just an hour ago I was speaking to an expert from Guitar Center about what sort of hardware I would need to do some real home studio work. I have been frustrated for years without the hardware capable of recording my own songs with simple four-track overdubbing. Now I know that I need an Interface.

If I get down to Chicago on Thursday, I can go have a face-to-face with this dude, and nail down the details so that I can have some kind of ballpark figure.

If I'm going to accept donations, I'm going to try and make it one big graduated pile, and get myself set proper.

So, thinking on my priorities before I put any numbers down:

  1. Court Costs.
    This is what's hanging over my head, and can't be exchanged for work-hours or favors or forgiveness. It's going to cost over two grand cash money.
  2. Workhorse Studio Computer. Might have to be a Mac for what I want to do, but now I'm getting savvy to the modern PC hardware again.
  3. Transportation. Some sort of inexpensive electric-assist bicycle would be perfect for me. Maybe a motor-scooter. Something that will get me more than five miles without showing up sweaty and stinking, and has very little maintenance/fuel cost.

The gears are starting to mesh again. Just have to get my lead foot off the clutch.

dhyvddhyvd on March 9th, 2015 09:26 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday,
Hope things worked out better for you. Happy birthday, although not sure if you still use LJ... all the best for this year!
We would lynch him if we could locate him: Baron Hamediinfintysquared on March 15th, 2015 05:30 am (UTC)
Re: Happy Birthday,
Oddly enough, I'm starting to drop the occasional post here and there, when I have something that means nothing to anyone who knows me in meatspace.

Many of my early LiveJournal entries were drug-fueled. Maybe it's state-based give a damn. I dunno. SYN ACK or something.

Thank you for responding to this little bit of nonsense. You give me hope that I set up my safety nets well enough, because I sure dropped.

The ghost of rosencrantz23 tells me that I'm supposed to say something Jewish. What the hell, I was raised Catholic!